The SNIFFpad mini from KNAUDER´S BEST

A must-have for dogs – and rodents and other pets too!

Endless fun and learning pleasure for small dogs, birds and rodents. The sniffpad mini is a high-quality handmade learning aid for pets. The numerous pockets and lovingly incorporated hiding places provide endless opportunities to hide treats for your pet and guarantee hours of discover and fun. Like all of our sniffing products, the sniffpad mini is made of a thick, fluffy, low-maintenance fleece material that small dogs will love – and it keeps other pets occupied and challenged as well. Just 7–10 minutes of play are enough to relax your faithful companion. The time and attention you share with them will strengthen the bond of friendship between you. All our innovations at KNAUDER’S BEST are explicitly recommended by experts, and are carefully executed high-quality products tailored to the suit the specific needs of your pet.    

Unique features of the sniffpad mini at a glance:

• Learning aid for small dogs, rodents and birds

• Strengthens the human-animal bond

• Develops trust in anxious animals

• Suitable for treatment of nervous animals

• Boosts self-confidence through quick success

• Boosts attentiveness for animal sports

• Handicapped or injured animals benefit from the limited search area

• Scenting pleasure for small dogs with grass mite allergies

• Lasting fun guaranteed due to the countless hiding places

• Can be used for all kinds of treats

• Extremely low maintenance


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