The happypad from KNAUDER´S BEST

A must-have for dogs – The educational toy for a wonderful friendship!

The happypad (EU Design 003013150-0002) is the perfect combination of the snifflawn and sniffpad. It combines the countless hiding places of both products which offer plenty of searching fun in a limited space. The motivation and genius design behind all our innovative high quality cognitive products here at KNAUDER´S BEST reflect the passion and philosophy of our company. As you play together with your faithful companion, you develop his intelligence and trust; he becomes more even-tempered, and the bond between you is strengthened. Just 7-10 minutes of activity are enough to boost your pooch’s cognitive skills, challenging him and strengthening your companionship through play. The numerous pockets and lovingly incorporated hiding places provide endless opportunities for hiding treats for your four-legged friend, and guarantee hours of distraction. Our hand-worked textile products, lovingly crafted in the EU, also offer handicapped, injured and anxious dogs the chance to experience a huge sense of achievement within their own comfort zone. All of our product innovations here at KNAUDER´S BEST are carefully designed high-quality toys tailored to the needs of your pet, and are explicitly recommended by dog trainers.

Unique features of the happypad at a glance:

 Strengthens the human-canine bond

• Helps develop trust in anxious or rescue dogs

• Suitable for treatment of nervous dogs

• Boosts self-confidence through quick success

• Type-appropriate olofactory challenge

• Conditioning for tracker or rescue dogs

• Boosts attentiveness for dog sports

• Improves mental conditioning and concentration for mantrailing

• Handicapped or injured dogs benefit from the limited search area

• Satisfaction for dogs with grass mite allergies

• A pleasant distraction for dogs who are afraid of the fireworks on New Year’s Eve

• Scent detection satisfaction for your four-legged friends both large and small

• Lasting fun guaranteed due to the countless hiding places

• Can be used for all kinds of treats

• Extremely low maintenance

• 2 in 1: you always have an activity and sleeping mat to hand

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