The Flower pad from KNAUDER´S BEST

New! The unique searching toy for large dogs and dogs with a broad muzzle.

High-quality, innovative and especially tuned to the needs of your pets - that’s what characterises the original products from KNAUDER´S BEST. Even big dogs and dogs with a broad muzzle love searching for treats with you. With the new Flower Pad, there’s nothing stopping you from getting busy with this communal activity any more. Crafty, lovingly incorporated hiding places with large enough openings that are also suitable for a broad muzzle, offer an opportunity for lots of wonderful moments of success and endless sniffling fun. Through the mutual activity, your relationship with your dog is encouraged in a playful manner at the same time, and you learn to understand him better, he becomes more trusting and the bond between you is strengthened. The species-appropriate occupation and the sense of release that results, make the Flower Pad a fantastic way of keeping your furry friend busy in between. You’ll love it just as much as your dog does!

Unique features of the Flower Pad at a glance:

• Also suitable for big dogs and dogs with a broad muzzle
• Large openings enable endless sniffling pleasure
• Super beginners’ tool for puppies
• Handmade in the EU
• Multilayer craftsmanship offers a comfy place to lie and an interesting activity in one
• Perfect accompaniment for your travels, due to very limited weight and handy size
• Strengthens the bond between dogs and their humans
• Boosts trust in anxious dogs and dogs from animal welfare
• Can be used therapeutically
• Strengthens the self-awareness through quick results
• Species-appropriate occupation via the nose
• Handicapped or injured dogs benefit from the limited radius of action
• Washable and suitable for the drier


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