The Easy travel pad from KNAUDER´S BEST

A must-have for dogs – The Easy Travel Pad, with a multitude of possibilities!

The perfect accompaniment for all outdoor activities. Your dog will always have a dry place to rest on the water-repellent surface, in soft-shell quality. Whether in the car, on the lawn, when training or at competitions, with the Easy Travel Pad, you can also spoil your dog with a comfy, dry place for a snooze, when you come inside again, by simply turning the pad inside out. The attractive colour combinations, the excellent quality, and the fact that all of the KNAUDER´S BEST products are handmade in the EU, all combine to make the Easy Travel Pad a “Must-Have” for all active dog-owners.

Unique features of the Easy Travel Pad at a glance:

• The KNAUDER`S BEST brand quality
• Perfect for the car, hotels, camping, exhibitions, training, competitions and much more
• A dry place to lie on damp ground
• Easy to handle by simply turning it inside out
• Machine-washable
• 100% Handmade in the EU

• Option of increasing the lying mat to 200cm × 70cm
• Light, easily transportable lying mat in excellent quality


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